Quote of the Night

"Manners maketh a man, so they say. But what maketh a woman? In my sight, nothing less than beetroot, beeswax, acorns, disodium hexaphosphate, milkdew and a sparkle of pickled walnuts. And maybe some compost or mulch. And also squeezed orange pith, old screwdrivers, moulten paint cuttings, a little salt and thirty years of careful tarmac. And a flute."
'On the Composition of Things Anew', Millicent Magdicott, 1844

Two Million Nine Hundred and Nineteen Thousand Three Hundred and Five
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Click one of the buttons below to visit RV's *free* (and rather excellent) DHTML and JavaScript graphic and text effects (where you can get hold of the script for this rather snazzy clock), RaToNaGe, the number one solution for town naming, or find out about ZFM - probably the worst ever radio station in Sheffield!
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