FM DX Logbook

All Time FM DX Logbook

All Time FM DX Logbook

I don't tend to tune into FM radio much at home, but often listen when out on the road, driving around. And if there is a Sporadic-E opening, it soon becomes apparent as the local station is wiped-out by stations from much further afield. On these occasions, I like to tune around the FM band and see what DX stations I can hear. Of course tuning in a radio and logging station names and frequencies when on the move isn't easy so I often don't log very many. Sometimes if I'm early at my destination I might park for a while and jot a few down.

So that being said, here's a list of the DX stations I've heard over the years. The 'Location' column shows where I was at the time, often on a motorway or at a service station or similar! It just goes to show that in the right conditions you don't need fancy equipment or enormous antennas in order to enjoy the age old art of radio DXing! The 'RDS' column only shows the station's RDS name where it was successfully decoded - in other cases identifying the station was done using a different method (see below).

Frequency Station Name TX Site (& Country) Power RDS Date Location Comments
107.5 Tour Radio ItalyNapoli  __TOUR__ 09-Jun-00 M3
89.5 France Culture France?Limoges/Auxerre?  22-Jun-01 Fareham
89.0 France Culture FranceLe Mans  22-Jun-01 Fareham
88.9 FUN Radio FranceBoulogne  11-Sep-00 Camber Sands Sea Path
88.3 France Culture France  22-Jun-01 Fareham
88.6 RNE Clásica SpainAitana (Valencia)  RNE-CLAS 09-Jul-07 Bracknell
89.8 New Radio Network ItalyNapoli  *N.R.N*_ 09-Jun-00 M3
96.0 RNE 3 Spain  RNE_3___ 27-May-01 Richmond Park
87.5 Radio Italia ItalyCatanzaro  R_ITALIA 30-Jul-01 M3
94.5 RNE 3 Spain  RNE_3___ 27-May-01 Richmond Park
91.0 France Musiques France  22-Jun-01 Fareham
90.6 Copa Onda Naranja SpainValencia  09-Jul-07 Bracknell
90.2 RMC FrancePorto Vecchio, Sardinia  19-Jun-07 Stansted Airport
99.4 France Inter FranceNiort  22-Jun-01 Fareham
88.0 France Culture France  22-Jun-01 Fareham
87.6 Radio Speranza ItalyPescara  rotating 13-Jul-06 M4
87.6 RAI MF1 ItalyMonte Cavo (Rome)  RAI_MF1_ 30-Jul-01 M3
87.6 Luna ItalyLatina  __LUNA__ 09-Jun-00 M3
105.6 Disco Radio ItalyRome  *DISCO*_ 30-Jul-01 M3
105.5 France Info France  __INFO__ 22-Jun-01 Fareham
100.7 France Inter France  22-Jun-01 Fareham
100.6 Radio Courtoisie FranceCaen  100W 22-Jun-01 Fareham
106.1 RTL 2 FranceCherbourg-Digosville  500W 26-Jun-01 Sutton Scotney Tropo
87.8 Radio Courtoisie FranceCherbourg-Digosville  500W 26-Jun-01 Sutton Scotney Tropo
93.4 Radio Manche FranceCherbourg-Digosville  500W 26-Jun-01 Sutton Scotney Tropo
106.7 Europe 1 FranceCherbourg-Digosville  500W 26-Jun-01 Sutton Scotney Tropo
95.1 Onda Cero SpainPortman Golf  500W ONDACERO 11-May-04 Teddington
106.5 France Info FranceBoulogne  1kW __INFO__ 28-Apr-01 Southend Tropo
98.5 France Musiques FranceLe Havre  1kW 22-Jun-01 Fareham
104.7 France Inter FranceCalais  1kW _INTER__ 28-Apr-01 Southend
105.6 France Info FranceCherbourg-Digosville  1kW __INFO__ 26-Jun-01 Sutton Scotney Tropo
103.3 France Inter FranceBoulogne  1kW _INTER__ 28-Apr-01 Southend Tropo
100.7 France Bleu Cotentin FranceCherbourg-Digosville  1kW BLEU.COT 26-Jun-01 Sutton Scotney Tropo
94.1 France Inter FranceCherbourg-Digosville  1kW _INTER__ 26-Jun-01 Sutton Scotney Tropo
87.9 Canal Extremadura SpainMerida  1kW Canal_EX 09-Jul-07 Bracknell
87.9 FUN Radio FranceYvetot (Rouen)  1kW 22-Jun-01 Southampton
107.5 RTL FranceCherbourg-Digosville  1kW 04-Sep-00 Cardiff Gate Services Probably Tropo
87.9 Contact FM FranceMontreuil (Le Touquet)  1kW CONTACT_ 04-Oct-00 Winchester
106.4 Nostalgie FranceCaen  2kW 04-Oct-00 Winchester
105.9 Europe 1 FranceCaen  2kW 04-Oct-00 Winchester
87.8 RNE 3 SpainBaza  5kW 13-Jul-06 M4
106.0 RTBF-1 BelgiumTournai  5kW PREMIERE 06-Mar-01 Winchester
87.8 RTA Chaîne 1 AlgeriaMecheria  10kW 09-Jul-07 Bracknell Approx 1970km path
87.9 France Culture FranceParthenay/Amailloux  13kW 22-Jun-01 Fareham
87.7 Antena 1 PortugalMendro  14kW ANTENA_1 13-Jul-06 M4
96.5 Radio Jeunes TunisiaZaghouan  20kW _JEUNES_ 19-Jun-07 Stansted Airport Approx 1890km path
97.1 Cadena Dial SpainZaragoza  40kW CAD-DIAL 11-May-04 Teddington
106.9 B5 Aktuell GermanyGrünten  50kW 03-Jan-01 Winchester
104.1 Joe FM BelgiumEgem  50kW 30-Jun-09 Stansted
87.7 HRT HR-1 Croatia Pljesvica  50kW HRT_HR-1 13-Jul-06 M4
95.6 France Musiques FranceCaen  50kW MUSIQUES 09-Jun-16 M25 J7 Tropo
104.4 Radio 1 NetherlandsGoes  50kW 30-Jun-09 Stansted
102.1 Studio Brussel BelgiumEgem  50kW STU_BRU_ 30-Jun-09 Stansted
89.4 France Musiques FranceBrest  50kW MUSIQUES 28-Apr-01 Southend
97.8 France Culture FranceBrest  50kW _CULTURE 04-Oct-00 Winchester
95.7 VRT 1 BelgiumEgem  50kW 30-Jun-09 Stansted
91.5 France Culture FranceCaen  50kW _CULTURE 09-Jun-16 M25 J7 Tropo
99.6 France Inter FranceCaen  50kW _INTER__ 22-Jun-01 Fareham
87.9 Sveriges Radio Program 1 Sweden?Orebro/Ostersund?  60kW -SR_P1-_ 09-Jun-00 M3
94.3 Radio Tunis National TunisiaZaghouan  79.4kW NATIONAL 19-Jun-07 Stansted Airport Approx 1890km path
87.9 RNE 4 SpainAlpicat, Lerida  80kW RNE_4___ 09-Jun-00 M3
89.9 France Musiques FranceRennes  100kW 22-Jun-01 Fareham
105.7 France Info FranceRouen  100kW __INFO__ 04-Oct-00 Winchester
94.0 France Culture FranceRouen  100kW _CULTURE 22-Jun-01 Fareham
102.6 France Bleu basse Normandie FranceCaen  100kW BLEU.B.N 22-Jun-01 Fareham
92.0 France Musiques FranceRouen  100kW MUSIQUES 22-Jun-01 Fareham
87.9 Clásica SpainAlfabia, Balearics  100kW RNE-CLAS 09-Jun-00 M3
101.8 Radio France Loire Ocean FranceNantes  158kW R.F.L.O. 10-Aug-00 Hogs Back
94.7 France Bleu Nord FranceLille  400kW BL.NORD. 23-Jun-01 Richmond Park
88.7 France Musiques FranceLille  400kW MUSIQUES 13-Oct-00 Winchester
98.0 France Culture FranceLille  400kW _CULTURE 28-Apr-01 Southend
103.7 France Inter FranceLille  400kW _INTER__ 23-Jun-01 Richmond Park
105.2 France Info FranceLille  400kW __INFO__ Frequent Surrey

How do you know what station you're hearing?

Identifying 'DX' radio stations (especially ones in a foreign language and extraspecially whilst driving a car) is not necessarily that easy. However, the wonders of RDS have made life much more straightforward. If the station is strong enough for the RDS to appear (which assumes it is sending an RDS signal in the first place) then noting the frequency and the RDS station name is often sufficient to make a reasonable identification - the only problem that then arises is if there are multiple transmitters of that station on the same frequency (i.e. for a national network) in which case it's much more difficult. The best bet in this instance is to trawl the internet and see what stations other people with more sophisiticated equipment were hearing and see if you can match up your log with theirs.

If there's no RDS, but you hear a station ident or jingle and can catch the name, this is almost as good as the RDS. But in some cases (i.e. if it's in a language that you are completely unfamiliar with like Arabic or Turkish) you might not be able to tell the difference between a jingle and an advert or even make out the station name.

If all else fails, try and note the language and the frequency. Together with the list of other stations you heard, this might just be enough to make an identification. For example, RTA Chaîne 1 on 87.8 in my log above, was identified from listening to the programme and hearing the word 'Al Jaza'ir' (Algeria in Arabic) and a few smatterings of French (remember that the French colonised Algeria for 130 years and thus it's a language that's still spoken there) in amongst the otherwise incomprehensible (to me) Arabic clatter. From this information and the fact that I was hearing stations from mid and western Spain at the same time, there's a fairly safe bet that it was from Algeria. A check on the web shows only one station in Algeria on 87.8 and so the identification is complete. Of course it could have been Morocco, but thankfully there are no stations on 87.8 in Morocco (as far as I can make out) and given the direction of other stations I was hearing at the same time (i.e. the fact I could near no Italian stations), it was very unlikely to be Tunisia. I also heard an arabic station on 88.4 at the same time but there are two transmitters in Algeria on 88.4 and I have no way of knowing which it was I was hearing - so this logging can't be confirmed and doesn't appear in the log above!

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